I am a 3D VFX artist working in the London Post Production Industry. I have worked on many TV Commercials, Feature Films and Music Promos.

Visual Effects

So far in my career I have been working as a 3D Generalist and TD (Technical Director) using Softimage XSI as my software tool of choice.

My current role is that of CG Supervisor. My day to day tasks still involve the creation of visual effects, I am now also managing sequences for feature films or larger scale tv commercial projects.

My showreel is now online. There are still some additions that need to be made so it will change over the next couple of months.
I have more information about the projects I have worked on and a complete CV.

I am currently in employment but always looking for new permanent or freelance opportunities.

Other Interests

I also have a strong interest in photography. I will be keeping a gallery of some of the pictures I have been taking recently.

If anyone wishes to contact me, the relevant details can be found on the contact page.

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